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Invisible security (Behind the scenes)!

Posted on November 14, 2014 at 12:04 PM

Are you aware your vehicle key has an immobilizer system built inside it as standard?

These systems have been present on many vehicles including Cars and Commercials since the early 90's. Sometimes they were incorporated into the central locking remote which deactivated the immobilizer system when pressed to open the doors. But more commonly (as is the case today) a separate system which works behind the scenes independently of any other with the driver oblivious of its existence.

These systems can be likened to those employed by most big chains in retail. Everybody's had the alarms go off just as they were about to exit a store because the checkout assistant hasn't swiped your goods correctly! Well the "Transponder Chips" buried inside your key head work similarly to those labels on the goods in these stores. These chips authorize the starting of your vehicle and are the main reason a thief can no longer hot-wire your car like in the movies. You can see examples of these chips shaded in pink or surrounded by red in the pictures above.

As Auto locksmiths coding and cloning these chips is a important part of what we do. Why not pop in and inquire about a spare if you need one. We'll be happy to demonstrate the presence of a chip in your key!

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