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Auto Locksmith Bristol, Key Duplication Service.

 Don't forget that we're a fully mobile Auto Locksmith service here at Express. Or If it's a spare key you need we have off street parking and there's discounts to be had if you come to us. 
Give me a call for quotes on 07976 974053.

ebay keys aren't always a good idea.

  Please be aware of eBay keys. I'm getting more and more customers buying keys just like this which may be impossible to reuse if previously coded or in extremely poor condition. Much of the time it's your hard earned money simply wasted.

Just a few of our qualifications.

Just a little background on our qualifications in the motor trade. This is why we can be trusted with your vehicle and your pocket at Express Key Services

New after market fob.

  We can now supply a great little after market fob that will happily code to a number a manufactures including BMW, MAZDA, HONDA, KIA and HYUNDAI to name but a few. 
  It offers a reliable alternative to a sometimes very expensive OEM remote or a great addition to a faulty one as in this photo. 
  This customer had a faulty BMW 320i remote and we gave him this simple little addition at a third of the cost of a original main dealer remote. It also side steps any risk which occurs when attempting to cut a faulty key apart to perform a repair.

Express Key Services - Vehicle Lock & Key Specialist

Lost your keys? Locked them in your vehicle? Is the lock or key faulty? Bristol's only professionally mechanically trained Auto Locksmith can help so give us a call.  When your using a vehicle for work you need a reliable key and working lock or it can cost you a few days loss of earnings. We supply and fit door and ignition locks from as little as £75 here at Express - Bristol's Preferred Auto Locksmith service.

Lost car keys in Bristol

Express Key Services offer a car key eprom service in Bristol. In some cases when a customer has lost all the keys for their vehicle the only way a main dealer can help is by replacing the ECU or immobilizer box which will then come with new keys. This can cost in excess of £1500 in extreme cases but don't worry we may be able to help at a fraction of the cost. 

The best car key repair service in Bristol

Express Key Services. The best when it comes to car keys in Bristol.
 We maybe the most competitive Auto Locksmiths in Bristol but we are also the best when it comes to a car key repair service in Bristol. When it comes to car keys we won't be beat when it comes to quality in Bristol period.

Renault key cards cut and coded.

 Here at Express Key Services we supply and code Renault Key Cards for as little as £145. We only use genuine cards unlike some other local auto Locksmiths and are as much as £70 cheaper than the main dealer.  

Invisible security (Behind the scenes)!


 Are you aware your vehicle key has an immobilizer system built inside it as standard?

 These systems have been present on many vehicles including Cars and Commercials since the early 90's. Sometimes they were incorporated into the central locking remote which deactivated the immobilizer system when pressed to open the doors. But more commonly (as is the case today) a separate system which works behind the scenes independently of any other with the driver oblivious of its existence.

A little about us!

 Express Key Services have been cutting keys for in excess of 50 years at our shop based in Staple Hill, Bristol. Our resident Auto Locksmith Lee Reiss has personally had 26 years of motor trade experience and is a fully trained motor vehicle technician. He has also achieved two master technician qualifications during his time working in six main dealer franchises across the Bristol and Bath area. 

 As one of the only Bristol based Auto Locksmiths with recognized motor trade qualifications we can help with almost every scenario involving your car and motorcycle keys.

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Auto Locksmith Bristol, Key Duplication Service.
ebay keys aren't always a good idea.
Just a few of our qualifications.
New after market fob.
Express Key Services - Vehicle Lock & Key Specialist
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